All Aboard
Restaurant & Grill

20320 I-30 N. #170
Benton, AR 72019

Little Rock:
6813 Cantrell
Little Rock, AR 72207

Lunch and Dinner: 10:30 a.m.-
8:00 p.m.

· Lunch · Dinner · Birthday Parties · Special Events

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Benton Location
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Map: 20320 I-30 N
Benton, AR 72019

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Cantrell Location Google Maps:

Map: 6813 Cantrell, Little Rock, AR 72207

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Reviews Oct 10, 2015

"The girls squealed with excitement as the train’s cargo slowly dropped down toward the table on the mechanized platform. Kayla and Kendall picked chicken nuggets with fruit to share, and Ava chose macaroni and cheese with fruit — all of them were happy with what they got and dug in." Little Rock

"Wouldn't it be exciting if you could control a model train and have it deliver your meals to you? If you're in Little Rock, you can. The place is All Aboard at 6813 Cantrell (it's in the same shopping center as Steinmart). At All Aboard, your food is actually delivered on a miniature train."

Sync Weekly Sync Picks - June 5, 2012

"Science has yet to offer a convincing explanation as to why kids love trains so much, but empirical evidence argues that they do. And trains are the whole point of All Aboard Restaurant and Grill in Little Rock. So much so that the establishment uses a locomotive system designed in house to get dishes out to the table. It’s instant, easy entertainment kids will love. (sw)", June 2012

Arkansas Times May 12, 2011

"All Aboard Restaurant and Grill, which might win our lifetime achievement award for Most Ambitious/Weirdest/Most Unnecessarily-Complicated Restaurant Concept Ever, is now open at 6813 Cantrell Road next to Stein Mart."

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